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September Events

Week one September 1st to September 2nd

Friday September 1st

Lip Service Band 9pm

Saturday September 2nd


Week Two September 3rd to September 9th

Sunday September 3rd

Acoustics with David Blair 5pm

Monday September 4th

Snow Crab Monday! Acoustics with Bryan Breathes 6pm Labor Day

Tuesday September 5th

Acoustics with Dante 6pm

Wednesday September 6th

Joe Trivia 8pm

Thursday September 7th

Car Show 5pm

Friday September 8th

Cold Sweat band 9pm

Saturday September 9th

UFC Night DJ Prof K 9pm

Week Three September 10th to September 16th

Sunday September 10th

NFL Games

Monday ​​September 11th

Tuesday September  12th

Snow Crab Mondays NFL Games

Tuesday Tunes with Steven Whales 6PM

Wednesday September 13th

Joe Trivia 8pm

Thursday September 14th

NFL Games

Country Line Dancing 7pm

Friday September 15th

Rate R Band 9pm

Saturday September 16th

DJ 525 9pm

Week Four September 17th to September 23th

Sunday September 17th

NFL Games

Monday September 18th

Snow Crab Mondays! NFL Games

Tuesday September 19th

Bike Night 6pm John Desena 6pm

Wednesday September 20th

Joe Trivia 8pm

Thursday September 21th

NFL Games RCM Bingo 6pm

Friday September 22th

Bombed Opera 9pm

Saturday September 23th

DJ Prof k 9pm

Week Five September 24th to September 30th

Sunday September 24th

NFL Games

Monday September 25th

Snow Crab Mondays! NFL Games

Tuesday September 26th

Acoustics with Bryan Breathes 5pm

Wednesday September 27th

Joe Trivia 8pm

Thursday September 28th

RCM Bingo 6PM NFL Games

Friday September 29th

Lost in Place 9pm

Saturday September 30th

DJ 525 9pm

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